Monday, December 10, 2012

A Tour of Tularosa

For those who've read Entanglement, I thought it might be fun to share a little more of Aaron's world. Today, I want to give you a tour of Tularosa, the fictional Southern California city in which Entanglement takes place.

Is Tularosa a Real City?

Sort of. Tularosa is basically Santa Barbara, my hometown, but I wanted to change a few things so I went with a different name. "Tularosa" is actually the name of a light salmon color according to the Ace Hardware paint department:D

I've always wished I could visit the fictional worlds in books, actually see the places. That's the frustration of reading, isn't it? The magic is only in your mind. So...I can't show you digital photos of Aaron's Tularosa, but I can show you the real place that was my inspiration. Below are a few of the actual locations I pictured when I wrote Entanglement. How do they match up with what you pictured?

1. Arroyo Beach - where Corona Blanca High School has their bonfire after the volleyball game in the first chapter. This is where Aaron first meets Amber, races Clive out to the buoy, and sees the vial sink to the bottom. This is also the same beach where Aaron and Buff ditch class to meet Tina and Amber later in the book, and where (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Aaron later dives to recover the vial. (END OF SPOILER ALERT) I know, helpful right;)

Arroyo Beach--or Hendry's beach--is where my friends and I used to hang out and throw frisbee our senior year.

2. Outside the Pelican nightclub, where Clive and Dominic push Aaron's car off the pier. In Santa Barbara, there isn't actually a nightclub out on the pier, but it should be right about where the blue shop is. Right now, you can get fish and chips there.

3. Mission Ridge - that hill of expensive looking houses with ocean and city views. That's where Amber lives.

I had the chance to see inside a few homes like these while interning with an architecture firm. The views are unreal.

4. The Arlington Theater - where Aaron and Amber go to see a modern remake of All Quiet on the Western Front. In Entanglement, there hasn't been a major war since World War I (because of the discovery of halves in 1935), so it's still called the Great War. Because of this, the war holds a more prominent place in history.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you haven't yet read Entanglement, you can glimpse a few of these spots in the first three chapters:)

Thanks for reading!
Dan Rix, author of Entanglement

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