Friday, January 4, 2013

Motivation for those 2013 goals

Today, I'm going to write a bit of motivation for those brand new 2013 goals. Oh, right...those. You haven't forgotten about them already, have you?

1. Lose weight
2. Get organized
3. Spend less...

But it isn't just about New Years resolutions

It's about personal development and growth in general. Because everybody has dreams. And in order to reach those dreams, everybody must grow. Consider this: the person you are now is not the same as the person you'll be after accomplishing a major goal. You can't be. Why? Because if you were that same person, you'd already have your goal.

It's the person

What if you were suddenly transported into Warren Buffett's body? You'd probably lose all his money, right? Because even with all his capital, you don't have his knowledge, his connections, or his attitudes.

Now what if Warren Buffett was transported into your body?

Would he sprawl out on your couch, pop open a beer, and gorge himself on cheese puffs in front of the TV? Or would he get back out there, pay off your debts, and in a few years amass his fortune all over again?

I don't know, you decide.

Goals require growth

Okay, so what if you learned everything Warren Buffett learned, made all his connections, and adopted his attitudes--but stayed in your body? What if you started making the same decisions he did, right now? Would your account balance increase?

The truth is, you can grow into whatever kind of person you choose. And in order to accomplish something worthwhile, you must grow. You must become the kind of person who accomplishes something worthwhile.

What are your dreams?

Do you want to publish a book, start a business, learn a foreign language? How much progress have you made so far? If you're not happy with the answer, it probably means you have some growing to do.

"But I am who I am. I can't grow."

Yes, you can. If you've ever wanted anything, learned anything, or gotten yourself to do something you didn't want to, then you have all the ingredients of greatness.

  • You can grow in desire. Who usually gets something? The one who wants it more. If you allow yourself to want something badly enough, you will find a way to get it.
  • You can grow in knowledge. Read books. Learn. 
  • You can grow in discipline. All it takes is practice, repetition, reinforcement. Training.  

Where do I start?

Anywhere. Take one of your New Years goals and ask yourself, "what's stopping me from having or accomplishing this right now?" Do you want it badly enough? Do you know enough about how to get it? Does it require practice or discipline that you haven't yet mastered?

Start there.

And if you keep putting it off, you can read my post about how to beat procrastination.

Happy New Years!
Dan Rix, author of Entanglement

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