Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shelf Addiction's Summer of Indie Author Features

On August 4th, I'll be interviewed on Shelf Addiction's Summer of Indie Author Features. There, you'll be able to enter to win a signed, physical copy of my YA novel, Entanglement--the first ever giveaway of this type:) (That's right, a real, physical book complete with glossy cover, page numbers, and the heady aroma of glue) Tamara's already featured some great indie talent, and she's currently in her eighth week, so there's already a lot to check out! See below what she says about the event, but first, why are indie authors better than traditionally published authors?

Because indie authors write directly for their readers without any filter. Traditionally published authors' work must pass through their agent and their publisher, each of whom sands down the book so it fits more neatly into a season's list. The racy scenes are toned down, bad language censored, quirks ironed out, and violence removed. Traditional publishers are like the overzealous doctors and teachers who drug into submission every quirk and creative impulse of kids who have better things to do than sit through hours of lecture at age five. Indie books are raw stories, flaws and all, straight from the source. It doesn't mean they're all good, it just means they're more honest. Okay, here's what Tamara says about the Summer of Indie Author Features:

"For the summer, I thought it would be fun to show some love to the Indie and Self-published authors by doing some features! You'll see bios, book blurbs, trailers, Q&A's and of course, giveaways!

This is a great opportunity to discover some books that may not have been on your radar before. Who knows, you could find you next favorite author or book!

Beginning the first week in June and running until the last week in August, every Sunday, I'll feature one Indie or Self-published author and hold a giveaway for their book!

I'm excited because there are some really interesting books in the line up! Check back in a few weeks, June 2nd to be exact, for the first Summer author feature!

There will be 13 books and authors for you to discover!

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not getting paid by anyone for their feature post. I'm doing this only because I want to do something for the hard working Indie and Self-published authors out there! That's it :-)"

So there it is. Make sure you check out Shelf Addiction!

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