Friday, February 21, 2014

Amazon Giveaway of Triton!

Hi readers,

This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow Dan Rix’s YA novel, Triton, will be FREE on Amazon starting tomorrow! If you haven’t managed to pick it up yet, now is a great time (because who can say no to free books?). It’ll only be free for a few days!

Also happening tomorrow, Dan Rix is discounting Broken Symmetry to 99 cents, which in my opinion, is about the same as giving away the book (since it’s about the same price as a pack of gum). If you loved the movie Inception, you need to read this book. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite books of all time.

So mark your calendars for tomorrow and check out these awesome books! And while you’re at it, make sure to add God’s Loophole to your TBR (“To Be Read”) list on Goodreads. I’ll be posting some awesome teasers for Dan’s latest book in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Hugs and happy reading,

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