Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Last Day to Get Triton for Free!

Hi readers!

Today is the last day to download Triton on Amazon for free! So if you haven’t managed to snatch the book up yet, I highly encourage you to do so before it goes back to its regular price! (Click here to be taken to download Triton for free.) For those of you who have already read Triton, if you enjoyed it, please leave a review for it! Every person who leaves a review for Triton is eligible for a FREE, pre-released copy of God’s Loophole.

Yep, I’m dead serious. All you have to do is write two sentences of feedback on Amazon to receive a free copy of God’s Loophole—which Dan is already giving copies out to reviewers as we speak, so you can get your own copy ASAP. If you’ve already written a review for Triton and want to receive a free copy of God’s Loophole, you are eligible. Once you’ve written a review for Triton, sign up for Dan’s newsletter and fill out this form to receive your copy of God’s Loophole.

Looking Ahead
Broken Symmetry is only going to be discounted at 99 cents for a couple more days, so make sure to also pick up your copy of that book if you haven’t gotten the chance to yet! And be sure to keep an eye out for some AWESOME teasers from God’s Loophole, the first of which I’ll share with you next week! Whoop! Get excited!

Hugs and happy reading,

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