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Teaser #1 from God’s Loophole

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So I’ve been building up anticipation during the last few weeks for God’s Loophole, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you the first of three teasers! Dan let me choose which teasers I could share with you, so I picked this first one because it had cracking up when I first read it. Without further ado, here it is:

God’s Loophole Teaser #1

“Let’s put money on it,” said Gabe, shoving the basketball into Logan’s arms at the Burlingame High School courts on Saturday. “Hundred bucks.”
“Show me,” said Logan.
Gabe flashed the hundred and tossed his wallet under the court.
“Fine. A hundred bucks,” said Logan.
Gabe smiled. Today was practice day.
Because Jer had insisted he practice. He had insisted he learn finesse, accuracy, subtlety . . . how to disguise it.
But that didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun.
“Pick teams,” said Gabe. “You first.”
Logan scanned the twelve guys and one girl that had shown up for pickup basketball. “I want Nelson.”
Rico Nelson, Burlingame’s starting center. Big surprise. The six foot six, two hundred and forty pounder lumbered onto the court.
Gabe craned his neck, and his eyes settled on an old guy who had to be in his eighties. “You. I want you.”
“You won’t regret it,” wheezed the grandpa, hobbling onto the court.
Logan smirked and continued on down Burlingame’s starting lineup. “I want Marquis.”
The six foot five power forward jogged over to join Logan’s team.
“Blue shirt.” Gabe pointed to a scrawny freshman.
“Will,” Logan called, and another six foot six giant ambled forward.
“I’ll take the girl,” said Gabe, and a little blonde with pigtails scampered over to his side.
“DeShawn.” Logan waved over the five foot eleven shooting guard who also played running back for the football team.
Gabe scanned the remaining players. “Chang,” he said, waving over the skinny third-string point guard. The poor kid hadn’t played at all last season.
Logan started with the ball, shot a rocket pass to DeShawn who alley-ooped it to Rico for a slam dunk.
Gabe inbounded the ball to grandpa. At half court, forty feet from the hoop, the old man planted himself, took aim, and lobbed the ball toward the basket.
Gabe didn’t even have to touch it.
A clean swish.
“Three points,” Gabe yelled, backing up for defense.
“DeShawn, get on that next time,” Logan shouted, dribbling the ball up the court. He sent a bullet to Rico, who backed into the girlsending her sprawlingand banked a shot in.
“Sorry about that,” said the little blonde, running back onto the court with her head hung low. “I’ll try harder next time.”
“Hey, make up for it,” said Gabe. “This one’s coming to you.”
He passed her the ball at the three point line, and she nearly dropped it.
“Take a shot,” said Gabe. “You got this.”
“Oh, I don’t think I can throw it that far.”
“Just try,” said Gabe. “You never know until you try.”
Face beet red, she took a deep breath, crouched, and flung the ball in the air. Gabe helped it alongif he hadn’t, it wouldn’t have gone five feetand a long second later, the ball swished through the net.
Whaaaat . . .” Marquis scowled. “She closed her eyes.”
“Three points!” Gabe grinned and high-fived the girl, who was beaming with prideand still bright red. “Hey, but next time open your eyes, okay? It’s coming to you again.”
The little girl swished the ball three more times before Logan, furious with his teammates, decided to guard her himself.
Gabe backed off a little, and even let Logan’s team pull ahead for a bit, before dishing it to grandpa for the game winning three pointer.
It was tough to beat a teamno matter how small they werethat shot seventy percent from downtown.


If you enjoyed that excerpt, check out God’s Loophole on Goodreads and make sure to add it to your To-Read list! God’s Loophole comes out March 27, so we only have to wait three more weeks! And lastly, make sure to keep a lookout for next week’s teaser!

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