Friday, March 21, 2014

Teaser #3 for God’s Loophole

So it’s here, the final teaser for God’s Loophole, Dan’s YA technothriller, which comes out on March 27! If you haven’t heard about it, click here to read the description on Goodreads.

For those of you who’ve been following these teasers, I’ve saved the most thrilling excerpt for last—and this one will raise goosebumps! Prepare yourself and get excited.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

Teaser #3 for God’s Loophole

Behind him, he heard a whisper. He whipped around and scanned the inner shell, skin crawling. Nothing. With altered laws of physics came altered perception, like Jer said.
But then he heard it again, beyond the inner shell. Outside the bubble. A voice, whispering his name. A voice he recognized, with a spine-tingling chill.
Raedyn’s voice.
“Gabriel . . .” her voice elongated, slipping in and out of focus, “Gabriel, get me out of here . . . please . . .”
“Raedyn,” he breathed. “Where are you?”
“Help me,” she whimpered, “I feel so . . . lost.”
Her words made his heart ache. “Rae, where are you?”
“I don’t know, I’m . . . I’m outside.” She broke into quiet sobs. “Gabe, I’m stuck . . .”
His eyes darted to the hatch. Outside. She was outside the bubble. His chest tightened, pulse climbing. “Rae, I’ll get you out. I promise.”
A breath of air brushed the inside of his ear, like she was right there. “I’m sorry, Gabe . . .” Her whisper was drowned out by the crackle of Jer’s voice over the radio.
“Gabe, who are you talking to?”
“She’s outside,” he said, grabbing the wheel, tugging. “Rae’s stuck outside.”
“Gabe . . . No! Jesus, I’m cycling you down.”
“Jer, she’s stuck outside!”
“No, she’s at home, she’s safe. It’s not her. If you open the hatch, I can’t bring you back. Don’t do this to me, Gabe.”
The words didn’t register. They couldn’t. He had to get Rae. He spun the wheel. One revolution, two revolutions.
“Gabe, I’m losing you,” Jer cried, his voice cutting in and out. “Whatever you do, do not break the seal from the inside. Do not break the seal.”
He ignored him, dragged the wheel around again. Rae, I’m coming . . . The inner shell vibrated, cycling down. He had seconds
“Gabriel, I’m so sorry,” Raedyn moaned, her voice fading, “I hope someday . . . you might forgive me . . .” She cut out.
“Raedyn . . . No!” The wheel clicked, and a hiss seeped under the hatch, now unlocked, the seal broken. He pushed the door open, his heart galloping into a crescendo.
The sight beyond the hatchway chilled his blood. The air cut off in his throat.
There was no warehouse.
Nor any sign of Raedyn.
Instead, he stared at a mirror reflection of himself in another bubble, where space itself seemed to ripple. He was about to reach out to touch the doorway, feel the texture, and see if he could reach through itbut his reflection raised his hand first.
Gabe’s heart gave a sickening lurch. It wasn’t a reflection; there was another Gabe in there, moving independently. He was peering into a parallel universeand a parallel him was peering into his universe.

I hope you enjoyed that last excerpt! If you did, mark your calendars for Thursday, March 27, or better yet, join Dan’s newsletter below to get an email reminder the day it comes out!

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