Friday, April 11, 2014

New Book Announcement: Eternity’s End

Dear readers,

I have another book to announce! I've finished writing Eternity's End, the sequel to God's Loophole and book #2 in the trilogy, and I wanted to share the cover and the back flap blurb to get you guys excited!

I hope you've been sinking your teeth into God's Loophole, the first book in the series, but if you haven't, you can visit this link to buy it from Amazon.

Eternity's End takes the trilogy in a slightly darker direction than the first book, as Gabe and Raedyn grapple with the consequences of their powers. You'll find more scene time with Sabina Boyd and other scientists that are trying to stop what Gabe, Jer, and Raedyn unleashed in the first book.

Eternity's End should be coming out in late May, although that date could change a bit. However, the book is complete at this point, so stay tuned for a teaser in the next few weeks. Now, I'm going to stop prattling on and let you check out the cover and the blurb below. To view the cover, make sure your email provider is set to display images.

All the best,

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