Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heaven's Enigma (Book 3 in God's Loophole) is now available!

I've just released book 3 in the God's Loophole series! Make sure you get your copy from Amazon here.

Here's the back flap (***WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW*** If you haven't read the first two books in the series, make sure you buy them here before checking out book 3.)

An invisible creature prowls the streets of Palo Alto, ripping people’s organs to shreds from the inside out.

Atop the caved-in rubble of an abandoned tech startup, construction continues day and night on a massive, 126-foot superconducting dome—humanity’s last-ditch effort to plug a growing hole in the universe by isolating it in a quantum bubble.

Deep underground in the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker, telekinetics Gabe Rockwell and Raedyn Summers prepare for their part—descending through an unspeakable limbo believed to be the realm of hell to mend the fabric of spacetime.

But Raedyn, still traumatized by her recent imprisonment in a bubble universe, now seesaws between a lover she knew to be dead and the boy who rescued her. Gabe, for his part, is beginning to question the details of their escape. For one thing, he can’t find any doors leading out of Cheyenne Mountain . . . or into it, for that matter. The walls form a sphere. The halls circle endlessly. And at night, beneath the constant drone of machinery, the mountain groans like the hull of a ship under immense pressure.

When their connection to the rest of the world suddenly goes dead—speakers hissing static, data streams silent, screens black—his worst fear is realized.

They never escaped.

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