Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ALL NEW Entanglement Bonus Material

You guys remember Entanglement? It was my first book, and wow, it’s been a long time (almost two years since I released it). To this day, Entanglement remains my number one bestseller, which means many of you probably discovered me through Amber and Aaron’s struggle to prove they were each other’s halves (soulmates). I haven’t done much in that world for a long time . . . until now.

I’ve now officially released a bunch of bonus material for Entanglement, including deleted scenes, an alternate sequence in which Amber and Aaron meet under completely different circumstances, and even an intimate look at what it might be like to meet your half on your eighteenth birthday.

I’ve published some of this stuff on my blog, and if you dig around, you might be able to find it, but a lot of these extras have never been released before, and I think fans of the story will some of this stuff incredibly fun.

So if you’re an Entanglement fan, check out the bonus material here.

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