Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Another Sneak Peek of Timeloopers Book Two

Here’s another sneak peek of Timeloopers book two. I’m 40,000 words into it (about 2/3). Make sure you’re on my email list to get an email when it comes out. You can sign up here, or at the end of this post.

Iris trudged at the back of the group, wondering if she could just slip away without anyone noticing, when Cory fell into step beside her.
   “I think it’s Dante,” he muttered. “I think he took the batteries out of the smoke alarm in my cabin.”
   “You think he’s going to try to hurt you?”
   “I don’t know.” Cory chewed his lip. “He’s been acting really suspicious though.”
   “Yeah, but he always acts suspicious.”
   “This time I have a feeling about him, though. I think it’s him.”
   “Déjà vu?”
   “No, just a feeling. Just keep your eyes open, okay?”
   Anchored to a cliff a hundred feet above the water, the zip-line takeoff platform looked out over the entire lake, the dense forest stretching to the rippling horizon. The rest of the school clustered on the shore, the size of ants.
   Iris stole a glance over the cliff, and wished she hadn’t. Whistling and buzzing, the cable plunged out of view toward a cluster of jagged rocks,
   “Okay, who’s going first?” The zip-line guy peered around at the six of them, now glistening in the heat, and for some disturbing reason his eyes went straight to Iris. He raised an eyebrow. “How about you, blondie?”
   “No,” she said, taking a step back.
   “You sure? You look like you want to go first.”
   “No. Definitely not.”
   “I’ll go first,” said Cory, stepping forward.
   “And we have a volunteer!” The guy took Cory’s lanyard, now attached to his harness, and mounted his trolley over the cable, locking it in place with an oval carabiner.
   This happened before.
   The image triggered a memory, and a sudden rush of panicky adrenaline passed over her. It happened just like this. She inhaled sharply and spun away as a wave of déjà vu prickled through her mind.
   Last time he died.
   “Okay,” their operator explained, “you hold onto this—”
   “Wait!” said Iris. “Cory, don’t go.”
   “What? Why not?”
   “I don’t know, I just . . . I have a bad feeling about this. Like, a really bad feeling.” She locked eyes with him, willing him to understand.
   Imperceptibly, his gaze flicked to the four girls watching them, then back to her. “No, dude, there’s no way.” He slapped the cable. “This is half inch galvanized steel cable. Stop being a pansy.”
   “Cory, I’m serious.” Her face heating under everyone’s glares. And he looked at her like she was the crazy one.
   She had to make him understand.
   She stepped up to him and thrust her lips against his ear. “I think this was the event that sent me back,” she hissed. “I’m not sure, but I think this was it.”
   “Then we’d be getting feedback right now,” he said. “Look, if something happens, we’ll just . . .” he glanced behind him and leaned closer to her, “we’ll just send a note back with the second click.”
   “We still don’t know when that is.”
   “What are you guys whispering about?” Suspicion edged Samantha’s voice. “Ew, you guys are gross.”
   Iris held his gaze. “Considering what we saw this morning, maybe you should stop and think before you jump off a cliff. I’m not letting you go, Cory.”
   “Iris, come on,” he said, his voice patronizing. “I’m just trying to have some fun.”
   “No, I’m not letting you—” She grabbed his trolley, thumbed open the carabiner, and yanked it off the cable, then dragged him by the harness away from the edge.
   His wistful eyes went back to the zip-line.
   “God, Iris, you’re such a buzz kill. Cory, you’re whipped.” Behind her, Samantha stepped forward. “I’ll go first.”
   “Alright then, new volunteer.” The guy set up Samantha’s trolley.
   Iris gripped Cory’s harness as if afraid a breeze might blow him over the edge, but as she watched Samantha being attached to the zip-line in his place, another nervous throb ran through her heart. Wait a minute . . .
   She opened her mouth, but could only stare.
   What could she do?
   Next to her, she felt Cory tense.
   The operator checked Samantha’s harness and delivered an alarmingly concise safety briefing. “Hold onto this, pull this to brake, and make sure you lift your legs when you’re going over the ridge or you’ll lose them, and you’re good to go.”
   He gave her trolley a shove, and she screamed and dropped off the platform, accelerating down the cable, hair whipping out under her helmet. The operator grinned and glanced back. “Kidding. Who’s next?”

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