Monday, September 22, 2014

Upcoming Release Dates of God’s Loophole #4 and Timeloopers #2

With the recent release of Heaven’s Enigma, a lot of you are probably wondering when the final book in the God’s Loophole series will be coming out. Good news. The book is mostly complete—and it’s long, about a hundred pages longer than the others in the series, so lots to look forward to. It still needs a bit more editing, and then I’ll put it up for pre-release. I’m thinking that will happen in November sometime, and that it will officially be released in January.

I’m currently writing book two in the Timeloopers series, The Ghost at Retreat Lake, and I’ll be putting that one up for pre-release soon in the next few weeks. Right now, my estimate is that it will officially be coming out mid-November or early December. These dates are sort of rough right now because I shifted my whole schedule up (after I accidentally released Heaven’s Enigma early) so they might change in the future, but I will try to stick to them.

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