Monday, October 13, 2014

For New Fans: What to Read Next—Summaries of My Mind-bending YA Standalones and Series

Right now, I have seven books out, with a new one coming out every two months. If you’ve just discovered my work through one of my books and want to read another one, here’s a little summary of each one of my works you can use as a kind of guide.

The Series

God’s Loophole

This is a four book series about a creepy machine that cuts people out of the universe and ends up making two teenagers telekinetic (three of the books are out, with the final book coming out early in 2015). This one crosses into genres of technothriller (a lot is told from adult scientists’ perspectives) and toward the end of the series, horror. As of yet, this is my major series, so if you’re a fan of mine, make sure you read this series.


Combines a private high school with a time machine. This is going to be a longer series. The first book is out, and the second one is coming out early December. This one’s also a must for fans. Though less serious than God’s Loophole, this one has some seriously fun characters and fun time travel paradoxes. 

The Standalones

If you’re not ready to jump into a series, and just want to read a standalone story, here are my three standalones.

Broken Symmetry

This one follows Blaire Adams and hot bad boy Damian, both of whom can walk through mirrors. What happens on the other side is the subject of this book. It’s a trippy story and my most original idea so far. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t read it, as I think this most captures my style of mind-bending YA with a twist. If you’re looking for a standalone and started with one of my series, read this one first.


On a cruise ship, everyone suddenly vanishes into thin air, leaving five teenagers to regain control of the runaway ship and solve an ancient mystery. This one might be called a supernatural thriller, but it’s a fun, fun adventure with a good twist at the end. Highly recommended. 


Although this has been a popular book of mine for a long time, it was the first book I wrote, and my style has changed. This is more of a romance, and has less of the fun twists and turns you’ll recognize from my later work. I recommend you read this after you’ve read some of my more recent stuff.

So that’s it for now! Next out around early December is Timeloopers #2, and then in early 2015, God’s Loophole #4. Then I’ll be starting a new series. More on that to come. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter below to get an email when these books—and all my future books—hit the shelves:

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