Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mindbending YA With a Twist

I get a lot of comments on Amazon saying they were drawn to one of my stories for its interesting premise, or upon finishing, that they’ve never read a story quite like it. I like to write about fresh ideas, definitely, but most of what I write about has already been done already. I just like to add a little twist to make things interesting

God’s Loophole, for example is about telekinesis, which is one of those majorly cliché ideas. I didn’t really add anything new to it, except I made it highly scientific and made the story more about the machine that makes them tele
kinetic than the telekinesis themselves.

Timeloopers is about time travel, also as cliché as possible, but I changed the rules a little bit and tried really hard to avoid those logical inconsistencies that mar most time travel stories. The end result adds a fun twist to time travel.

In Triton, everyone vanishes in an instant—except five teenagers. This, also, is not new. But I put them on a cruise ship, so the rest of the passengers disappear and they’re left trying to regain control of the ship and solve the mystery, which adds to the fun.

In fact, there’s no way to write something that’s completely new anymore. Everything has already been done before to some degree. But it’s always possible to mix things up, and that’s what I try to do for readers. I like to call it mind-bending YA with a twist. If you’re interested in getting an email when my next book comes out, make sure you sign up for my newsletter below:

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