Thursday, October 16, 2014

Teaser Thursday: A Short Teaser from God’s Loophole #4

Gabe ushered his brother and Raedyn into his apartment and slammed the door behind him, hyperventilating now. Fear pricked every inch of his skin.
   It got Dr. Lane.
   Just like that.
   “Okay . . . okay,” he said, dragging his hand through his hair. “We just need to think. We need to think. So it’s still out there. We know it’s still out there . . . damnit!” He kicked the wall.
   Jer sank into a barstool. “Oh man, oh man, oh man. There was no warning, no sound, nothing.”
   Rae sat against the wall, clutching her knees, teeth chattering. “It just . . . it just took her. It was in the same room as us, and it . . . and it took her.”
   Jer’s head snapped up, and the color drained from his cheeks. “It could be in here . . . with us . . . right now.”
   The three of them went deadly silent. They glanced around. Suddenly, every creak and rustle was amplified a thousandfold.
   “Guys, no, we need to focus,” said Gabe. “We need to think.”
    “It just took her,” Rae said. “Right in front of us. It attacked in broad daylight. It’s never done that before.”
   Gabe nodded. “It’s changing the rules on us.”

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