Monday, October 6, 2014

The Science Behind the Telekinesis in God’s Loophole

I make a bold statement here: the science in God’s Loophole is real, and it is impossible to prove that telekinesis, as I describe it in the book, is not, in fact, our reality. Here’s why:

There’s a framework of understanding quantum mechanics that says every time a particle has a choice between two different actions, it in fact does both actions. This is not new. It’s a version of parallel universe theory, and more and more physicists these days are starting to buy into it.

Since every possible action is played out somewhere in this huge multiverse of parallel universes, there exists some universe somewhere where every conceivable event happens, such as a book levitating off a table, or a block of wood breaking down into pure energy. This is starting to become recognizable as the stuff Gabe and Raedyn were using their telekinesis for in God’s Loophole.

What the physics tells us is that somewhere, in some universe, all this crazy stuff is happening. In God’s Loophole, Gabe and Raedyn are telekinetic because they’re able to choose to be in those universes where they observed those things happening. Now here’s the fun part.

Somewhere in the great multiverse, there’s a version of you who’s telekinetic, where virtually everything you think about comes to pass. You can move objects with your mind, levitate things, delete matter and turn it into pure energy, everything the characters in the book do, you can do. This is true because if there are infinite universes, then statistically this must be happening somewhere.

If physicists are right, and about seventy percent of them believe in some kind of multiverse, then their theory guarantees that there exists a version of you who is completely, utterly, without question, telekinetic.

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