Friday, October 3, 2014

What I’m Aiming To Produce In A Story

I’m truly honored to have the fans that I do, and I think the fact that people enjoy what I write is an indication that they share some of what fascinates me in a story.

I want to share what that is, since I find I’m often trying to write exactly what I’d like to read, and I’ve been distilling this down over the years and every so often I like to put it down in words (you’ve probably read some earlier posts on the subject). Who knows, maybe this description will resonate with you too.
  1.  I like lots of twists. You know, the kind of book where you get to the end of the scene, get to the twist, and you have to put it down because your mind is reeling.
  2.  I like sci-fi/technothrillers but only because I like ideas and logic. Above all, I like to see characters being scientific and logical about solving a mystery, whether that mystery is rooted in science or magic or the supernatural.
  3.  I like mystery. A building mystery where secrets unfold over an entire novel will keep me glued to the page.
  4. Fun characters. Not robots. People with personalities and backstories that make you laugh and cry.
  5. Romance. Why there needs to be romance, I don’t know. Maybe it just heightens the stakes a bit. There’s got to be sexual tension and some romance, because then I have something else to root for. Plus, books are usually about solving a problem. So when the characters reach the end and solve the problem, they’re right back where they started, which is kind of lame if you think about it. If they’ve met someone hot and amazing along the way though, then they’ve gained a relationship from the story.
  6. Good, snappy dialogue. Robotic, stilted dialogue will turn me off to a book even if the rest is great.

Well, that’s my list. It’s not complete by any means, but it gives you an idea of what I’m trying to capture in my stories. If you like that stuff too, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get emails when my books come out, as it's my only way to directly share what I produce with my fans. You can sign up here or below. I never share your email address with anyone.

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