Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For The Next 27 Hours, I'm Giving Away God's Loophole (book 1), and Here's How to Get It...

Looking for a new chilling YA series? Anyone who joins my newsletter in the next 27 hours gets a free copy of GOD’S LOOPHOLE (book one) . . .

The first human to be cut out of the universe, by her own choice, is a beautiful teenage girl.

Using nothing more than MRI technology, a groundbreaking physics technique claims to be able to delete matter temporarily from existence—be it a volume of space, or a human being. The best part of all: it’s perfectly safe.

Or so it seems.

Experience GOD’S LOOPHOLE, the mind-bending young adult series about a technology with unthinkable repercussions, a demon that slithers out of a hole in spacetime, and the two star-crossed teens who might be Earth’s only hope.

To get a free copy of book one, join my newsletter (http://eepurl.com/DDdTb), then reply to the confirmation email with a mention of this post. Super easy:) You can also join in the below box:

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Time’s Beginning Release Date, Pre-Orders, and Pre-Released Chapters

Hey readers! Mark your calendars because on February 5 Time’s Beginning, the fourth and final installment of the God’s Loophole series will hit shelves. This book is the cataclysmic end to the telekineses series. In honor of the end of the world (jk peeps—or am I?), I’m going to be releasing the first chapters early to my newsletter! When I release it depends entirely on you. Specifically, once I hit 100 pre-orders, I will be sending the chapters out.

So, (1) if you want to catch a sneak peek of the book early, then make sure to sign up for my newsletter  here!

And (2), check out Time’s Beginning on Amazon here and grab a copy early!

I can’t wait to share the end of Gabe and Raedyn’s with you!