Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For The Next 27 Hours, I'm Giving Away God's Loophole (book 1), and Here's How to Get It...

Looking for a new chilling YA series? Anyone who joins my newsletter in the next 27 hours gets a free copy of GOD’S LOOPHOLE (book one) . . .

The first human to be cut out of the universe, by her own choice, is a beautiful teenage girl.

Using nothing more than MRI technology, a groundbreaking physics technique claims to be able to delete matter temporarily from existence—be it a volume of space, or a human being. The best part of all: it’s perfectly safe.

Or so it seems.

Experience GOD’S LOOPHOLE, the mind-bending young adult series about a technology with unthinkable repercussions, a demon that slithers out of a hole in spacetime, and the two star-crossed teens who might be Earth’s only hope.

To get a free copy of book one, join my newsletter (http://eepurl.com/DDdTb), then reply to the confirmation email with a mention of this post. Super easy:) You can also join in the below box:

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