Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Timeloopers: An Infinite Loop, Teaser #1

Next Thursday An Infinite Loop, the third novel in the Timelooper’s series, comes out, and guys, I’m so excited to share this book with you. In honor of An Infinite Loop’s release, here’s the first teaser from the book:

Teaser #1
So, to Iris’s supreme delight, they crossed town and spent the night shivering under Cory’s sleeping bag at some sketchy little pond. Friday night fell with an overcast sky and a frozen breeze, which slipped right under the polyester and over her bare thighs—she didn’t have a spare change of clothes, so she’d been forced to wear the same pair of cutoff shorts the whole time and wash it every few days at the Chapmans’ house.
Her teeth chattered, and another violent shiver jerked through her torso.
God damn, it was cold.
Cory’s body radiated heat a few feet away, but she refused to edge closer to him. She had, however, conceded to wearing his hoodie—which counted as a fail.
The thing reeked of so much cologne you’d think he washed it in the stuff. She knew she wouldn’t catch a wink of sleep tonight. But that had more to do with the fact that he was sleeping right next to her. Literally under the same square of fabric. At one point, their bodies touched, her hip to his elbow, and she scrambled to the other side in a flurry of swooshing polyester and tumbled into the weeds.
“Chill,” he said.
“I thought you were asleep?” she said.
“Not with you freaking out every five seconds.”
“You touched me.”
“Yeah, sorry if that made you wet.”
Fuming, Iris turned her back to him and yanked his hoodie down over her knees, now clutched to her chest.
“Really?” he said. “No snarky response?”
“It doesn’t deserve a response.”
“You’re doing great, babe.” He gave her butt a pat.
She squirmed away from him and threw off the sleeping bag. “Stop touching me,” she said, her voice full of threat.
“This is stupid,” said Cory, sitting up. “We’re not going to sleep like this.”
“No duh,” she said.
“Let’s just stay up. It’s our last night.”
Iris peered around the black wetlands. The creek gurgled somewhere off to their right, behind a rustling, scratching knot of bushes. “I’m hungry,” she said.
“Protein bar?” Cory opened a wrapper for himself. “Oh, wait. This is the last one.”
“Here, I’ll let you have a bite.”
She hit his hand away. “I don’t want your charity.”
“Suit yourself.” He shrugged and dug into the bar, sighing with pleasure as his teeth sank into it. Her stomach growled painfully, and she had to avert her eyes.
“Mmm, sooo good,” he taunted, making a show of eating it right in front of her. “Oh man . . . all that chocolate and peanut butter, it’s like an orgasm in your mouth . . . mmm . . . Still want that bite?”
“Go fuck yourself.”
Chewing loudly, he continued to moan. “Mmm, mmm, mhhhmm—”
In one swift motion, she snatched the protein bar out of his mouth and bolted into the woods, where she shoved the whole thing in her mouth and, with difficulty, chewed and swallowed.
“Hey fatso, you got chocolate all over your face,” he said, when she returned to the sleeping bag a minute later.
“Want to know what you have on your face?” she said. “A whole lot of ugly.”
“Aww, come on, why you got to be mean?”
She dropped down next to him, muttering, “Twenty-four more hours, just twenty-four more hours. I can do this.”
“You’re still my friend, right?”
“Was it the protein bar?”
Iris studied the faint lights of homes flickering between branches, reminding her they still were still in the middle of a city, still weren’t safe.
This were hiding in a park, and tomorrow was Saturday, and on Saturday people went to parks.
“How do you know about this place?” she said.
“I came here with Samantha once, way back in sophomore year.”
“Huh. Were you guys dating or something?”
“Nah, it was just some stupid thing.”
“So . . . she knows about this place?”
“Yeah, but she’s not going to come here,” he scoffed. “Tomorrow’s homecoming. She’s going to doing her makeup and her nails and her hair and everything else for the dance. The timing couldn’t be better. Trust me, Iris, no one’s going to find us here.”


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