Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Timeloopers: A Strange Machine Teaser #1

The third novel in the Timeloopers series, An Infinite Loop, is coming out May 7, and in honor of its release, Im hosting giveaways and sharing teasers from the series. Today is the first of those teasers! 

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it’s about what happens when a group of teens at one of Seattle’s elite private schools discover a way to travel back in time. Timeloopers: A Strange Machine, is currently on sale for $0.99! You check it out here! 


***Teaser #1***

Iris felt everyone staring at her.
She peered around the classroom full of girls, cheerleaders and popular girls, all gaping at her.
Suddenly, she felt intensely self-conscious about her long hair, still swaying behind her from her race to Moore Hall. Like an imposter.
People expected Iris in sweatpants and her older brother’s ill-fitting T-shirts, her hair tied in a ponytail, forgotten—because she didn’t give a crap about her looks. Never had.
She felt exposed in the shorts and tight tank top. Showing too much skin, like she was on display.
In the usual gray drab she wore, she always blended in. No one paid attention, no one stared, no one ogled. No one noticed. And right now, standing in the spotlight on the first day of school, she desperately wanted that back.
God, did all girls who dress like this feel this way?
She felt gross in her own body. Everyone was certainly looking at her like she was gross.
Wait . . . all girls? In an Advanced Physics class?
In what universe?
She felt her lip curl and was about to back out, figuring she’d stumbled into Home Ec or something, when Mr. Dajani came out of his office with a stack of worksheets.
She peered around the room again. And that’s when she saw him. In the back, slouching in his seat like he thought he was some kind of bad boy . . . As if. Her cheek twitched.
Cory Holland.
Always better than her by a hair. A percentage point. A single answer on a test. And always so damn cocky about it, acting like it didn’t even matter to him. Pretentious, spoiled, snot-nosed Cory Holland.
Well, not this year.
“Oh, Iris,” said Mr. Dajani, doing a double take. “Didn’t recognize you at first. You know, I thought you’d be in this class, but I didn’t see your name on the roster.”
“Yeah, the office screwed up,” she said, ignoring the stares. “So I need your permission.”
“Well, we’ve already picked partners and seventeen is an odd number . . . so why don’t we have you join one of the pairs and make a group of three.”
Iris risked a glance at the students. In some ways, the looks of pure terror Mr. Dajani’s statement had elicited were grimly satisfying.
“Aha, you’ll join Cory and Noah,” he said. “That group needs a little estrogen.”
“Fuck,” she breathed.
“Excuse me?”
“I said . . . um, luck. What luck, you know, that I get to work with the oh-so-brilliant Cory Holland.”
“Ah. Have a seat, Iris.”
This day just kept getting better and better. She stomped to the back of the room and dropped into the one open seat next to Cory, noting the particularly narrow eyes of Samantha Silver.
Yep. Everyone hates me now.

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