Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Of Starlight (Translucent #2) is Now Available for Pre-Order

Hi readers,
 I’ve got some awesome news! Of Starlight (Translucent #2) is now available for pre-order! 

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

It has been three months since Leona Hewitt dumped the body of her crush’s younger sister in the woods, praying he would never find out who did it. It has been three hours since she led him back to her rotting corpse. 

And three minutes since she showed up in Leona’s bedroom, alive. 

The culprit is a living substance secreted by a meteorite that can make people invisible . . . and apparently bring them back from the dead too. But something is terribly wrong with the girl claiming to be Ashley Lacroix. She doesn’t sleep. Sometimes, when she thinks no one is listening, she talks to someone who isn’t there. She says her soul has been eaten. She says Leona must die. 

Now, evading an unseen enemy, Leona must dig up the startling truth behind Ashley’s death before an insidious creature claims its next victim. Only the truth may be more chilling than she ever could have imagined. And the next victim may be herself.


You can find Of Starlight here on Amazon! For those of you who havent started the series, be sure to check out the first novel, Translucent, out now!

Happy reading,

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