Monday, August 31, 2015

Ash and Darkness, Teaser #3

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In two weeks, Ash and Darkness (Translucent #3), the third novel in my YA sci-fi series, hits shelves! In honor of its release, I've been sharing teasers of the novel. For those of you unfamiliar with my Translucent series, make sure to check out the first novel in the series, Translucent, here! Without further ado, here's the third and final teaser I'll post! (I'll be posting another on my Facebook page next week, so if you want to read more, make sure to check my page out here!)

Ash and Darkness, Teaser #3

I needed to find someone . . . anyone.

In the middle of the deserted intersection of State Street and Las Positas, I coasted my bike to a stop, swung my leg over the bar, and kicked out the kickstand. I stood and turned in a slow circle, shading my eyes against the glare and peering up the length of each street in awe.

Not one car in sight.

From here to the horizon, not a single moving car—no roaring buses spewing soot, no loud motorcycles rupturing my eardrums, no minivans taking kids to weekend soccer games . . . and no pedestrians.

Just silence.

A dozen city blocks of silence.

I’d made it halfway to Emory’s house. I couldn’t ignore it anymore. As far as I could see, heat waves rippled off hot asphalt and fused into a silvery haze on the horizon. The stoplights—all of them dark—stood over deserted intersections, baking in the midday sun.

And all so eerily still. My long hair hung limp and motionless, scalding my neck. Towering over the abandoned sidewalks, the ficus trees stood still as statues. Not one leaf fluttered.

My gaze panned to Loreto Plaza Shopping Center—with Gelson’s Market and Chase Bank and Chaucer’s Books—and my confusion deepened. The parking lot was deserted. Rows and rows of empty spaces, only one parked car—a beat-up Station Wagon lurking sketchily on the fringes.

On a Sunday?

Normally I had to wait five minutes just for a break in traffic to make a left turn out of that lot.

I’d stopped in the middle of a busy intersection at lunchtime on Sunday. So . . . where was everyone? Where were my parents? Where was Megan?

Plus I’d been biking past residential homes all morning, and I’d seen no one. Where were all the lawnmowers? The kids on skateboards, the people walking their dogs, the dads working in their garages?


The word just popped into my mind.

But even that seemed farfetched. To virtually empty a city? It would take days. There would be stragglers, air raid sirens, the National Guard.

No, there was a simple, obvious explanation. There had to be. Something I was missing. But what?


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