Monday, September 14, 2015

Ash and Darkness (Translucent #3) is Out Now!

“I’m invisible,” I sobbed into his chest. “It’s dark matter. I put it on, and now I can’t get it off . . .” 

I've been looking forward to this release day for far too long! :) I’m excited to announce that my new book Ash and Darkness (Translucent #3) is now live! You can find it here on Amazon. Here's the back flap description:

It’s called dark matter, a living substance secreted by a meteorite that can make people invisible. Sixteen-year-old Leona Hewitt has been wearing it for twelve hours. It should be every teen’s fantasy—unbeatable pranks, a front row seat in her crush’s bedroom, a place to lick her wounds all alone. And it is . . . it is. 

Until she can’t get it off. 

In an instant, the fantasy becomes a nightmare. She’s stuck like this, invisible. Scratching at it, burning it off, cutting her skin off with a knife—nothing works. Dark matter is eating her, consuming her body like a bacteriophage and leaving behind a ghost. 

But when she wakes up in her bedroom, seemingly back to normal—only to find the city outside abandoned and ghostly quiet, she realizes she’s been transported to an impossible parallel realm. Electronics barely function, food turns mealy and rotten, fire snuffs out in seconds . . . and the only signs of life are the clues to a strange riddle left behind by a dead girl.


So far, this has been the toughest Translucent book to write, but also the most rewarding (and, not going to lie, it's my favorite of the series so far). I’m proud to share it with you today. I hope you enjoy it :-)

For those of you not familiar with my Translucent series, here's a teaser:

What if you had the power to become invisible for a price? Would you pay it? I did, … and I paid. Dearly.

You can find Translucent here on Amazon.

Happy reading,