Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slaying Shadows (Translucent #4) is Out Now!

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The title says it all! Slaying Shadows (Translucent #4) is out now! You can find it here! What would you do if you met your double and she was trying to take over your life? That's the quandary Leona faces in this latest installment in the Translucent series. (Scroll below to read its description.) For those of you who haven't started the series yet, you can find more information on Translucent, the first novel in the YA series, here.

There are six books total in the series, and the next is slated to come out in late spring/early summer 2016. Before that, I'll be finishing up my Timeloopers series! Cory and Iris's story will be coming to a close in March 2016.

What's next? I'm in the process of plotting out a YA mystery/thriller series. This will likely be a trilogy, and it won't be science fiction, but it will have the same type of unraveling mystery that most of my books have. If you enjoyed Broken Symmetry, I think you'll like what's coming!

Slaying Shadows

The girl sobbing in 16-year-old Leona Hewitt’s bedroom has the same long dark hair as her, the same startled hazel eyes as her, the same stuck-up nose as her. She’s identical in every way . . . and she’s here to take Leona’s place.

By a twist of fate, Leona has until midnight on Halloween to outsmart her evil double and steal back her shattered life—and her soul—or forever become a ghost.

But all the clues point to a startling truth. To her horror, she’s learning the other Leona has more claim to her old life than she does—even to her boyfriend.

Could it be that after all this time, everything she knows about herself is a lie?

See Slaying Shadows (Translucent #4) on Amazon!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Slaying Shadows (Translucent #4), Teaser #3

Hey readers!

Next Thursday, December 17, Slaying Shadows, the fourth book in my Translucent series, comes out! If you haven't checked out this series yet, you can do so here! Because I'm so freaking excited to share this book with you, I thought I'd give you one final teaser to hold you over for the next week! Are you ready?

Slaying Shadows, Teaser #2

The plan was simple: pretend to be Emory’s girlfriend for an afternoon and wheedle out her secrets from him directly, since he had spent the most time around her and knew her better than anybody. Even Megan.

But that meant I had to be edgy, because apparently my doppelgänger was edgy.

I could be edgy.

I could so be edgy.

Breathing fast, I veered into the history wing and put on my game face—glaring eyes, flared nostrils, pursed lips . . .

You’re about to impersonate his lover, Leona, not shank a bitch.

I let off on my game face but kept the heated stare.

Mr. Delaney’s open doorway came into view, grumpy seniors filing inside . . . and then him—one arm braced against the wall, triceps popping out of a tight T-shirt, letterman jacket slung over one shoulder, sneaking the last hit of a cigarette behind his friends literally right in front of a teacher.

My stomach did a nervous somersault.

Game on.

“Emory,” I called. “I mean . . . babe.” The word felt awkward on my tongue, and instant heat rushed to my cheeks.

But he was such a babe.

He glanced up, and his smoldering eyes found mine and stayed there.

I returned the smolder and walked right up to him, vaguely aware of parting the circle of senior jocks around him. They rolled their eyes and left us alone, muttering something about us. Emory straightened up, took a final drag, and flicked the butt after them.

I folded my arms and leaned against the wall, biting my lower lip to stop it from trembling. “Ditch your last class and hang out with me,” I ordered.

See, I can be edgy.

He swiveled his body over mine, pinning me against the wall, and suddenly he was way too close. My heart jittered and skipped a beat, and instantly, heat ran down my front like liquid. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think . . . oh God, how did the other me pull this off?

“What’s the magic word?” His voice broke into my reverie.

“Rhododendron.” Somehow, I managed to keep my voice even and not betray my nervousness. I locked eyes with him, keeping up the act. “Ditch your class. Hang out with me. It’s not a question.”

“No can do. We got a test today.”

“Do I look like I care?” I shot for sexy, missed, and hit plain rude instead. “Come on, are you scared?”

I hardly cared at this point, already drunk off some heady combination of nerves and danger.

“What’s in it for me?” he said.

“The pleasure of my company and, uh . . . a back massage . . . maybe . . . if you behave yourself.” I cringed at my words, blushing even hotter.

The corner of his mouth twitched up. “A back massage, huh? You know, now that you mention it, my shoulder is kind of sore—” he rolled his shoulder back, clearly faking it, “ooh, yeah—and my dad’s not home today . . .”

Oh boy, what was I getting myself into?

“. . . but there’s still the issue of the test,” he continued, “and the fact that you’re asking me to ditch school, which is against the rules, as you know . . . All I’m saying is this better be the best damn massage—”

“I said if you behave yourself.” What does that even mean, Leona? Why do you keep saying that?

“And if I don’t?” He cocked an eyebrow, eyes twinkling.

“Then, uh . . . you have to give me a back massage,” I dared, doing all I could to not lose our staring contest. Oh God, why did I just say that?

“Challenge accepted,” he blurted before I could take it back, and he broke into a knowing smirk like he’d gotten the better end of a deal. Which he very likely had.

I had the bad feeling that “back massage” was actually code for sex and I had just seriously overpromised.


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Friday, December 4, 2015

Slaying Shadows (Translucent #4), Teaser 2

In just two weeks, Slaying Shadows (Translucent #4) is hitting shelves! Are you ready to find out what happens to Leona now that she's *spoiler alert for those of you who haven't read book three* met her double?

I can't wait to share the fourth book in the Translucent series with you, and the wait may in fact be killing me. ;) For now, I'll leave you with teaser #2!

Slaying Shadows Teaser #2
As I stared, mesmerized, at the naked body taking shape in front of me—at my body—my flesh began to crawl.

Dark matter had replicated me perfectly—the heart-shaped birthmark on the side of my rib cage, the faint dusting of freckles on my shoulders, the tiny vertical pinch of my belly button. Every mole, every scar, every imperfection.

That it had copied me in such detail could only mean it had intimate knowledge of my body, of my anatomy. I squirmed, suddenly skeeved out in my own skin. Dark matter had explored me through and through.

She deposited the dark matter in our contact lens case before fetching her shorts and tank top and pulling them on.

“Can you please wear something else?” I said. “So we’re not exactly the same?”

“No. This is what I want to wear.”

“Fine. I’ll change.” I rummaged around in my dresser and yanked out a pair of black skinny jeans and a silvery boatneck sweater, then dug out a pair of high heeled ankle boots from my closet—just the kind of peacock-like outfit I hated.

“We’re going to need to figure out the logistics of this,” she said, watching me.

“What logistics?” I searched the room for a place to change in privacy.

“You and me. Being the same person and all. You trying to freak out my parents.”

I came up short. “Could you, uh . . . look away?”

“Just change. Who cares?”

I care,” I said. “I don’t want you looking at me . . . because, ew . . . that’s just weird.”

“You’re pathetic.” She averted her eyes.

I scrambled out of my clothes and tugged on my new ones.

“Who’s going to go to school tomorrow?” she said. “Do you want me to go to school, or do you want to go to school? Or should we switch off? Or should we both go, and you take even periods, and I’ll take odd periods?”

“I don’t know. Fuck school.”

“Alright, I’ll go to school.” She peeked in my direction.

“No, I’ll go to school.” I laced up my boots. “You’re not going anywhere near a school.”

“Fine, then I get to live here.”

“In my house?” I glared at her. “Nuh-uh.”

“Unless you’d rather I go to school?”

“Alright, Jeez. Keep my freaking bedroom. It sucks anyway. I’ll stay at Megan’s . . . and I get the cell phone.”

“Then I get the car.”

“How is that fair? You can’t have my house and my car?”

“Fine, keep your stupid car . . . but I get Emory.”

“You can’t claim a person,” I sneered.

“He’s my boyfriend.”

“You mean, was?”

“Uh, thanks to you, asshole.”

“You dated him for four days.”

“And I got farther than you got in four months.”

My lip curled. “You’re sick.”

“I want Emory,” she spat.

“Good luck with that. Then I get Megan.”

“No way, you can’t have my best friend,” she said.

“Okay.” I shrugged. “Then you can’t have Emory.”

“Fine.” She put her hands on her hips. “Take her.

“I will.”

We both glared at each other for a moment, and then abruptly broke the staring contest to survey the room for anything else we had to divvy up.

“Dark matter?” she said tentatively.

I peered sharply at her. “What about it?”

“I mean, we should get rid of it, right? Neither one of us should have it.”

“Yeah,” I croaked, holding out my hand. “Give it to me. I’ll get rid of it.”

Reluctantly, she placed the contact lens case in my palm. My fingers closed around it, and I stuffed it in the tiny pockets of my jeans. A muscle twitched in her jaw before she finally tore her eyes off my hand.

A twinge of unease crept over me.

Why were we cooperating like this at all? My own motivations made sense. I knew why I couldn’t kill her—I’d given my word to Major Connor, and the military needed to study her—but why was she cooperating with me? Presumably if she was a copy of me—and especially if she had a monster inside her—she would want to kill me at the first opportunity.

Was she acting like this to disarm me?

I’d have to watch my back.

Something buzzed near my feet—the cell phone still in the pockets of my shorts, a text message.

She glanced over, curious.

I dug it out, giving her a back-off look. “Cell phone’s mine, remember?”

“Yeah, but who is it? It depends on who it is, right?”

The text was from Emory. My insides froze. Why was he texting? Was he even texting me, or was he texting her?

“Is it Emory?” she said.

“No, it’s not Emory.”

“Then who is it, huh?”

“Uh . . . it’s Megan.”

“Oh my God, you totally hesitated. Give it to me!” She lunged for the phone in my hand.

I scrambled away from her, holding the phone out of reach. “Yeah, so what? So what if he texts me? It’s still my phone.”

“You’re already cheating. It’s literally been two seconds, and you’re already cheating.”

“It’s a stupid system anyway. You can’t claim a freaking person—” I broke away from her long enough to read the text. When I did, my heart did something funny.

Emory: I left my letterman jacket at your house. Bring it to school tomorrow and leave it in Mr. Delaney’s room. I don’t want to have to see you.

She read it over my shoulder, and her gaze slid to the foot of her bed, where the green and white jacket was stuffed between the mattress and the wall. Her lip quivered, and a fresh tear bobbed on her lower eyelid.

“I’ve got school, so I’ll take it to him.” I grabbed the jacket and hurried out before she could say anything else. The dreamy scent of his cologne rose off the white leather sleeves, arousing a painful rush of nostalgia and longing. On the verge of tears myself, I squeezed the jacket to my chest, trying to hold on to something I couldn’t put my finger on, something I’d never had, a whisper of another life.


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