Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Man with Two Pasts (Timeloopers #4) is Now Out!

Ready to go back in time?
The Man with Two Pasts, the fourth and final book in my Timeloopers series is now out! You can find it here
I’ll keep this short, so you can get on with reading it! But I will say one thing that makes me want to gush—my wife (author Laura Thalassa for those of you fans) thinks it’s my best book yet. Now, admittedly, she’s been biased in the past when it comes to these things, but guys, she really, really seemed genuine this time :-).
Anyway, it was a freaking nightmare dealing with all the timelines, I finally beat them into submission, now nobody mention the words time travel to me again or my head’s going to explode.

The Man with Two Pasts
She was too smart to be popular. Too pretty to be ignored. Too conceited to be tolerated. 
Seventeen-year-old Iris Strasser can’t seem to blend in to save her life, and she just made everything ten times worse. Time travel must have seriously compromised her judgment, because somehow she’s blundered into a relationship she’s not ready for with way-too-popular-for-his-own-good Cory Holland, the one boy she hates more than anyone—and now, infuriatingly, has a crush on. Now every girl at Lakeside wants her head on a stick. 
Screw her feelings for him. They can have him back. She can’t stand Cory’s prickish cockiness for one more insufferable second. Except breaking up with him also breaks something in the past. 
Now, all that’s left of the boy she almost loved is a lingering hint of déjà vu. That, and a confused ache in her heart. 
Because everyone knows Cory died a long time ago.
Check out The Man with Two Pasts here on Amazon!

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