Sunday, September 11, 2016

Introducing Demon in Sight (Translucent #6) and a Shout out that Translucent is Now Free!

Hey readers,

Two updates today. First, I want to share with you information on Demon in Sight, the sixth and final book in the Translucent series. And second, I want to let you know that for the next two months, you can read Translucent, the first book in the series, for free.

Demon in Sight
Demon in Sight (Translucent #6) will be coming out on November 1, so mark your calendars! This book concludes the six-book series and ties up all the mysteries. Can Leona and Emory prevent the annihilation of all life on earth? We’ll see…

Oh, and you thought stuff couldn’t get any weirder? Guess again :-)

Below you’ll find the back flap description (Note: if you’re new to my Translucent series, skip ahead to the end of the post, where there’s a link to get the first book in the series for free).

Demon in Sight
It’s like somebody hit the pause button for the entire planet.
Earth’s streets are jammed with motionless cars, their still-warm occupants slumped over the steering wheels, bodies paused mid-breath. They have no pulse.
The sun has winked out, plunging the globe into permanent darkness. Fire no longer burns. Electronics sputter and die, inexplicably drained of charge. The whole world, and all seven billion inhabitants, are in suspended animation.
But three people are awake.

Read Translucent for Free
Haven't read Translucent yet? Now you can for FREE. For the next two months, I'm giving away Translucent, the first book in my YA science fiction series for free! One of the only requirements for receiving the download is that you join my newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. Click here to get a copy, and don't miss out on the epic conclusion, coming this fall!



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