Friday, January 27, 2017

The Summer it Came for Us: Teaser 1

The Summer it Came for Us comes out next Wednesday, February 1, and in honor of its upcoming release, I thought I'd tease you with a few snippets!

The Summer it Came for Us 
Teaser 1 

“Yo, I found Vincent,” Jace hollered from the other side of the car, and I nearly jumped out of my skin.
Heart in my throat, I rushed around the hood and found Jace kneeling over a patch of mud.
“Look.” He pointed to a deep shoe print in the mud, right outside the passenger door—Vincent’s footprints. “He got out of the car.”
The next shoe print, I had stepped on.
I backed away from it, then quickly spotted the next one. “He started walking up the hill.”
Malcolm was already ahead of us. He pointed down at a deep handprint. “Looks like he stumbled, landed on his hand . . . crawled through here”—Malcolm whacked through a bush, which had clearly been trampled on—“and kept going on the other side.”
“He was heading back to the road!” Following the footprints, I bounded after Malcolm, excitement buzzing in my nerves.
All we had to do was follow the footprints, and we’d find Vincent!
“He got up again,” Malcolm narrated, pointing to the last handprint, “staggered into this clearing . . .”
“Then lost his shoe.” Zoe pointed out the New Balance sneaker wedged in the mud.
I pried it up to give back to him.
“Look, his stride changes here,” said Malcolm. “He started running.”
“Fast, it looks like,” I said, judging by the long, widely spaced smears in the mud, every other one clearly made by a sock.
“He kept going,” said Malcolm, “kept running, and then . . .”
Malcolm abruptly fell silent, frowning down at the mud.
I came up behind him, saw what he was looking at, and felt an icy tingle draw down my spine.
In the middle of the clearing—with no sign of a body and no sign of a struggle—Vincent’s footsteps simply ended.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

The Summer it Came for Us: Cover Reveal, Sneak Peek, and Release Date

Hey readers, 

It's that time again! I'm so excited to introduce my upcoming release, The Summer it Came for Us, and give you all a sneak peek at the first few chapters of the novel!

The Summer it Came for Us
No one believes Remi’s account of the night Vincent disappeared.
How the night sky lit up like day, how they lost control of the car and crashed into a ravine, how she remembers seeing a nine-foot-tall man—and how when she woke up the next morning, the only thing left of her best friend were his footprints, fleeing off into the dark woods only to come to an end, inexplicably, in the middle of a clearing.
If the urban legends are to be believed, he’s been swallowed by an ancient, nameless evil.
And she’s next.


That’s the premise behind my brand-new YA mystery, set in the haunted woods of a rural California mountain town, which just happens to sit next to an abandoned science lab with some very bizarre history.

It’s coming out February 1, 2017 and I’m super excited to share this with you guys, because it’s my first all new project in a looong time. But I think it was worth the wait.

Sneak Peek

For those of you interested in getting a taste of the story to come, you can read a sneak peek of the first three chapters here!

Thanks for being a fan!