Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Summer It Came for Us is Now Out!

Without warning, the shadow peeled off the wall and latched around Malcolm’s wrist.
“Malcolm!” I shrieked.
He scratched at his arm, tried to scrape it off, but the darkness held on.
Then, to my horror, it began pulling him into the wall.

My newest young adult mystery, The Summer It Came for Us, is now out! You can check it out here on Amazon!
Set in the haunted woods near an abandoned physics lab in Northern California, it’s the story of five teens who encounter a mystery stranger—and more shocking—than anything they could ever imagine. Here’s the back flap:

The Summer It Came for Us

No one believes Remi’s account of the night Vincent disappeared.

How the night sky lit up like day, how they lost control of the car and crashed into a ravine, how she remembers seeing a nine-foot-tall man—and how when she woke up the next morning, the only thing left of her best friend were his footprints, fleeing off into the dark woods only to come to an end, inexplicably, in the middle of a clearing. 

If the urban legends are to be believed, he’s been swallowed by an ancient, nameless evil.

And she’s next.


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